Healing Bridge 治愈桥梁

Support Group for Suicide Survivors

We can never forget our loved ones...

Healing Bridge is about moving on, yet maintaining a link to the past.




What is it?
Healing Bridge is a support group for suicide survivors - someone who has lost a loved one through suicide.

How does it help?
The programme provides a safe and confidential place where group members can:
  • express their feelings and thoughts without fear of rejection.
  • receive support, acceptance and encouragement.
  • work through their grief with other survivors.
  • learn self-care strategies to cope with their grief.
How do I register?
Please email your following particulars to pat@samaritans.org.sg
  • Full name (Mr/Mrs/Ms)
  • Contact number (home, office and/or mobile)
  • Preferred language (Mandarin or English)
Where is it held?
Samaritans of Singapore
Block 10, Cantonment Close
#01-01 (multi-storey car park)
Singapore 080010

For enquiries, please call us at our hotline 1800-221 4444 or email pat@samaritans.org.sg.    

什 么 是 治 愈 桥 梁 ?

如 何 得 到 帮 助 呢 ?
  • 表达自己的感受及思想而不会感到害怕或被拒绝
  • 接受支持与鼓励与其他的自杀者至 亲共同面对哀伤
  • 学习如何面对忧伤和找出应对的方法
如 何 报 名 ?
请将您以下的个人资料电邮到 pat@samaritans.org.sg.
  • 全名(先生/女士/小姐)
  • 联络号码
地 点 ?
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)
Block 10, Cantonment Close
Singapore 080010

若有任何询问,您可拨打SOS热线1800-221 4444 或电邮pat@samaritans.org.sg.